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Marketing trends to pay attention to

Marketing Trends

In 2020

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6 Marketing Trends for 2020

This year is coming to an end and you may be deep in thought reflecting on what worked for you as you marketed your dental services online during the year and what may need to change in the coming year. As you strategize to market your dental services in the coming year, here are some important trends for 2020 as revealed by Edvalson Marketing, the best dental marketing company.

Trend #1: Relying Soley on Google Analytics Could Make You Fall Behind Your Competitors

You may be shocked to hear us say that in 2020, the dental firms that rely on Google Analytics will fall behind their competitors. The truth is, Google Analytics is a very good tool, especially given the fact that it is free. Let us take you back for a bit so that you get the next point that we are going to make about marketing in 2020.

Do you remember what happened to Nokia to make it fall spectacularly from pole position as a communications company? Their CEO is reported to have publicly stated that while they didn’t do anything wrong, they still failed as a company. The real story is that Nokia didn’t adapt quickly enough to the growth of smartphone technology, so they fell by the wayside.
Back to Google Analytics. It is a great tool, but marketing is evolving so quickly to include new marketing channels, such as voice search and techniques like upselling and checkout bumps.

Google Analytics may not give you the whole picture of your marketing landscape. For example, it doesn’t capture affiliate marketing and monetized webinars. This means that you have to look for additional tools to complement what Google Analytics can do for your dental site. Business intelligence solutions, such as Google Data Studio and Amplitude are examples of alternatives that give a more comprehensive picture of your marketing landscape and efforts. Don’t know which analytics tool to integrate for marketing purposes? Get in touch with us and our dental marketing experts will analyze your needs and recommend the best analytic solution.

Trend #2: Optimization for Voice Search Will Increase

Voice search is increasing in popularity and will likely command at least 50 percent of all online searches in 2020. However, voice search hasn’t yet been exploited to generate revenue for businesses, but this may change with time. So, how is voice search important for your dental firm? Voice search makes it possible to put your brand before more people, and that could eventually bring revenue in if other measures are taken to capitalize on that brand awareness. You therefore need to work with the best digital marketing company so that you can benefit from the traffic available through voice search.

Trend #3: Moats Will Become Extinct, Except for Brands

In business, a moat is anything that shields you from the competition and keeps you in pole position. For example, one company may offer its products at such a great price that the competition finds it hard to eat into their market share.
In the online landscape, moats will die out fast in 2020 because it is now very easy for any innovation to be copied. What will survive are brands. For example, the Kardashians have built such a powerful brand that any of them, such as Kylie Jenner, can take an ordinary business and build it into a multi-billion dollar entity.

It is therefore important for your dental firm to devote a lot more attention to branding as the marketing tool of 2020 and beyond. With expert dental branding help, your firm will not only survive but also soar in the years to come. Look at Tesla, American Express, Michael Jordan and Ferrari as examples of entities that are enjoying the benefits of a strong brand. Influencer marketing has become huge largely because of the increasing power of branding.

Trend #4: Automation Will Be the Differentiator in Marketing

Going forward, the marketing landscape will become even for all and the entities that would like to rise above the rest will have to look to marketing automation. What is leveling the playing field in marketing are the resources that are now available to all companies wishing to fund their campaigns. For instance, Lighter Capital and Brex make it easier to access loans and higher credit card limits even when you are a new business.

Now that everyone can compete with “the big boys” in terms of marketing budgets, automation is fast emerging as the differentiator. Software solutions are now having an AI component so that marketing efforts can be targeted in a better way. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are therefore the tools of the future for those who want their dental care businesses to stand out from the crowd.

Trend #5: Optimization Will Be Tailored Towards Bringing Marginal Gains

The level playing field in marketing referred to earlier means that the era of “a silver bullet” that delivers the goods, so to speak, will be no more. All marketing efforts will be aimed at tweaking existing measures, such as email marketing campaigns, Google ads and social media marketing so that those small changes converge to deliver outcomes that are bigger than the sum of the efforts invested.

The catch is that those optimization efforts are unlikely to come at a small cost, so those who will win in 2020 need to have the best digital dental marketing company on their side so that the resources invested bring a worthwhile return.

Trend #6: Personalization Will Hold Sway in Marketing

The increasing role of automation and AI in marketing in going to take personalization to a whole new level.
The growing dissatisfaction with the existing marketing methods arises from the realization that less than 5 percent of site visitors are converted (that is, pay for your dental services).

That is a very low return for the marketing dollars invested, and 2020 will see a huge shift to personalized marketing efforts.
Let us look at Amazon as an example of how this works. If you have ever purchased products from this online retailer, your buying habits and preferences are tracked and each time you visit the site you are immediately shown products similar to what you usually buy.

For instance, Amazon would never show you dog food if you only buy electronics from the site. Instead, they will display products in the same category as what you usually buy. In this way, the chance that you will buy something during each site visit is high. In the same way, marketing for the dental industry is likely to take on a more personalized character so that each visitor is converted to a buyer.

As a player in the dental industry, you may not be familiar with many of the concepts and trends discussed above and you may be about to throw up your arms in defeat, but don’t do that. Help is at hand; just get in touch with us at Edvalson Marketing. We will make sure that your dental practice is poised to take full advantage of the latest marketing techniques and technologies. The results will speak for themselves!