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What percent of your business leads are generated from search engine marketing?

Traditional marketing strategy like billboards or direct mail support SEM conversion when your clients search for you online. Although we are a digital agency, we are very much advocated of businesses having a strong marketing mix.

But, how well are you converting those marketing dollars into sales without an effective PPC campaign? The truth is, all marketing, whether it be traditional or internet is most effective when they work together. If you have dollars spent in TV or Radio, while the ROI may not be the same the call to action is usually to call or visit your business on the web right? You have to use traditional media to drive people to the web. But when a client goes to the web to search for your business, guess who is showing up in front of you? Your competitors. If you are not seeing more than 50% of your overall sales coming from your PPC campaign, let’s talk.

Edvalson Marketing specialized in SEM campaigns that have the best possible ROI for your business. We work hard to keep your cost per lead down and conversion up so that you can invest more into growing your business. To schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation fill out the below form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Why Google Ads?

Up to 50% more web traffic
Increase in New and Returning Clients
Easy to understand reporting and conversion tracking

What we do

In Depth keyword research
Determine your competitors most profitable keywords
Strategic GEO targeted SEM campaigns
Weekly lead conversion reporting
Landing page support
Weekly keyword performance

These are your clients, let us help you reach them online.

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