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Social Media Branding With a Twist…of lime

I’ve been discussing social media, SEO, auto posting and more over in my Facebook Group, Social Sharing for SEO.

social media branding What I love most about this discussion is that many marketers are sort of anti auto posting tools like Hootsuite and Buffer. I totally see their perspective but here’s why I see a value in those tools. You don’t have to auto post everything with scheduling tools, in fact I don’t recommend that at all. Scheduling tools can be a huge time saver when you have the right strategy in place.

Consider this; Google looks at links back to your site as a way of measuring the authority of your website. The more often you put content out there, you increase your chances of stronger organic ranking. The next part to that is engagement. If you have a bunch of link out there and no one clicks on them or interacts, you are putting out a lot of work with minimal return. Unfortunately, brand strategy doesn’t mesh with SEO strategy so we have a fun little formula for achieving both. Bottom line, be strategic about what you share and where, but don’t be shy about posting content from your site on all of the strongest platforms, you never know who might find your blogs or articles useful.

The Cosmo of Social Media Recipe

Vodka = (Do I have your attention yet?) The Fun!
Let your audience see the culture of your company, introduce yourself with a fun photo from time to time, feature fun behind the scenes moments. Give your business some personality.

Gin = Your Classy Sophisticated Side.
This is where your business related quotes and examples of your work at its best come in.

Splash of Cranberry = Networking!
Align your business with brands that have similar audiences yet don’t compete with you and cross promote. Contests, giveaways, event sharing etc.

Splash of Lime Juice = Charity or Community Involvment
Choose a local charity that you can engage with, help push out their initiatives, volunteer with them, or simply donate.

Garnish = Sale, Promo, Offer.
Here is where you get to self promote, once every 10 posts or so. Share a blog post, or special offer, something that will drive traffic back to your website.

You can find a complete version of our Social media branding article in the Boss Babe Guide to Social Media.