Why I can’t offer Shopify websites. Yet.

Why I cant offer Shopify Websites Yet

I develop and design websites. I love doing it and I cringe a little, okay a lot, when I see issues in these DIY platforms that are not beneficial to the goal of being found easily online. Before I tell you why I can’t offer Shopify websites to my clients let me tell you what I like about Shopify. For those of you who are not familiar with Shopify, it is primarily an e-commerce website platform with over 100 free themes to choose from.

My experience with Shopify

I have had the opportunity to work with several entrepreneurs who wanted to increase their online presence but didn’t exactly know what they needed to do in order to get there. Although I typically work in WordPress, I have had many clients using and loving Shopify so I invested the time in learning the platform so that I could provide SEO support for my clients.

What I like about Shopify

From an SEO perspective, they have some easy back-end directives that allow users to plug-in title tags and meta descriptions. If you are not familiar with those terms, it is the data you plug-in to each page on your site that makes up the text that Google uses in your organic listings. Shopify also allows users to add Heading tags. Alt tags for images, categories and post tags. I appreciate that the opportunities to increase online visibility are well-marked and easy to access. I also really like the look of Shopify sites. There is not one that I have come across that wasn’t beautiful and easy to navigate. So from a user experience perspective, Shopify has done a great job with template design.

The not so great qualities of the Shopify platform

Alright, here it goes,I am going to get some flack for this post, I just know it. I know a lot of Shopify lovers and they are very loyal. If you simply Google Shopify you will see nothing but five-star reviews. So, it is very possible that I am in the minority here. Although I love wordpress, that’s not to say that I am not open to learning and working with other platforms. I have worked on squarespace sites and Wix, and I’m excited to see what Sound Cloud is all about. But the truth is, I really want to like Shopify. If it were not for one giant issue, they would have my endorsement.

SSL Certificate

About six months ago, I had a meeting with a client who has a Shopify site. We met at her office and I walked her through a bunch of missed opportunities for organic visibility. We moved some things around in her menu, added some social icons. We ended up deciding that she would work on content on her computer and I would work on the operational tasks on my laptop. So I go to search for her website, and I find this:

Shopify website errors

I was so confused. So, I tried typing in her URL directly. That time it took me right to her site. My meeting ended shortly after that and we agreed to follow-up with Shopify to see if there were some sort of issue. Shortly after that, my client got an email from someone looking for her website and they came across the same problem. So I called Shopify and they told me that the problem is that they do not offer SSL certificates for the whole site, only the shopping cart, furthermore that my client didn’t need security on the whole site and it was not a big deal. He also said Shopify offers whole site security to their large clients but not for the majority of the users, but that it was something he thought would be in the pipeline for everyone at some point. The gentleman I spoke with was very nice and provided a clear explanation but I really could not believe what he was saying to me.

How could an e-commerce brand like Shopify with over 100,000 users not have a complete SSL Certificate program for their customers whose business depends on site security? From a marketing perspective, my Shopify clients are potentially losing business because of this. If someone goes to your site and sees a huge error, saying that this site is not secure, would you proceed and put in your credit card? I wouldn’t.

Again, maybe I am in the minority, but this bugs me and until it is fixed, I will not be able to endorse Shopify as a small business solution. I hope that the correction is coming down the line sooner than later so I can take it all back. To be continued….

5 Reasons You Need to Try Facebook Ads in 2016

Hi All!

99 percent of the time I am a total extrovert. I have always loved working in busy office environments where I had friends to bounce ideas off of. Since moving into my home office, I find myself making and effort to meet new friends digitally. It’s so fun to meet people who speak your language and love the same things you do! I had the pleasure of meeting Software Entrepreneur, Josh MacDonald recently. Josh MacDonald is a young entrepreneur who had sold thousands of licenses of marketing software to agencies around the world before ever graduating high school. He graciously agreed to talk with me about the benefits of Facebook Ads. The conversation began when Josh was doing research for his blog on alternatives to investing in search engine marketing (SEM).After a few emails, we decided it would be great if we could write guest posts on each others blogs about these topics.

Josh MacDonaldJosh posed a great question, “What types of things can small businesses do if they are not getting great results from SEM?” We both agreed that Facebook ads were a prime opportunity for most small business to spend less yet still have a very targeted reach. I’m super excited to have connected with Josh and the many other amazing digital marketers that I have been able to connect with since starting Edvalson Marketing. I hope you all find as much value and insight out of this post as I did.

Check out Josh’s top five reason you need to try Facebook ads in 2016!

Facebook advertising has long been a great choice for businesses looking to reach a highly targeted audience while closely controlling their budgets and ad spend. Facebook has long been one of the best PPC platforms, with only Google Ads offering any real competition and thanks to features like CPA advertising, it has only gone from strength to strength.

And in 2016, it looks like this trend is set to continue. In fact, there are a number of reasons that Facebook advertising is going to be more important than ever next year, so if you haven’t already given it a try, now may be a good time.

Here are just five compelling reasons to get started…

Organic Reach Has been Capped

Facebook has recently capped the organic reach of Facebook pages at 12%. If you have spent ages building up a huge audience for your Facebook page, then that audience is largely going to go to waste unless you consider paying for promoted posts (and many people are saying the reach seems even lower than 12%). Facebook tell us that this move was to prevent news feeds from being too cluttered. Most marketers suspect it was to drive more business to their ad platform. Either way, it’s now the only way to reach the majority of your followers.

Facebook Ads Increase Customer Retention Rates Rather Than media Buys

Compared with other forms of advertising, Facebook ads increase customer retention. That’s because they let you target your audience so precisely, making sure that you’re reaching the right people. At the same time, Facebook ads increase page likes which in turn means you can keep in touch with your audience as it grows.

AdBlock Doesn’t Work Against Facebook Ads

These days, more and more people have been using third-party software like AdBlock to remove the adverts from their browsing experience. This means that your AdWords adverts might stop being visible for a large savvy portion of your audience and things just got a lot worse as users can now block ads on their iPhones too. Luckily, ad blockers don’t work against Facebook Ads, so this remains one of the only means through which you can reach anyone with your advertising campaign.

Informational Advertising is the Future

The face of advertising is changing and the pace of this evolution is constantly increasing. Just placing ads doesn’t cut it anymore; instead brands need to focus on building relationships with their users and opening a dialogue. Facebook lets you do this and provides you with tons of qualitative and quantitative information to do it with.

Facebook Recently Updated Their Support Inbox System

Facebook have just improved their inbox system, making it easier than ever to reach the company for support and help. This also suggests that Facebook are interested in investing even more into their customer service in 2016, which can only be good news for companies that will be working with them next year.

If you want to connect with Josh you can find him on TWITTER and or course FACEBOOK. Happy connecting everyone!